Parshas Shlach

Erev Shabbos – 24th of Sivan

7:00 PM – Mincha

8:04 PM – Hadlokas Neiros

8:22 PM – Shekinah

Sholom Zachor – See below.

Shabbos Day – 25th of Sivan

9:00 AM – Brochos

9:10 AM – Hodu

9:10 AM – Last Zman Shema

Kiddush after Davening – See below.

8:09 PM – Mincha

8:23 PM – Shkiyah

9:23 PM – Maariv


9:00 AM – Shachris

8:15 PM – Mincha / Maariv

Monday – Thursday

8:30 AM – Shachris

8:15 PM – Mincha / Maariv

9:00 PM – Chumish Shiur with the Rebbe (Thursday night)


8:30 AM – Shachris


On behalf of the entire Kehilah we would like to wish a Mazal Tov to Rabbi Yoni and Shulamith Zakutinsky on the birth of a grandson to their daughter and son in law Aliza and Srully Jurkanski. Everyone is invited to Shul Friday night after the Sudah for a Sholom Zachor.

Shabbos Day

Everyone is invited to a Kiddush after Davening sponsored by the Rebbe and Rebbetzin in honor of the Rebbe’s Mother’s Yahrtzeit (Leah Hinda bas Rav Yosef).