Parshas Ki Sisa

Erev Shabbos – 21st of Adar I

5:29 PM – Hadlokas Neiros

5:39 PM – Mincha

5:47 PM – Shkiyah

Shabbos Day – 22nd of Adar I

9:00 AM – Brochos

9:10 AM – Hodu

9:17 AM – Last Z’man Kriyas Shema


5:24 PM – Mincha

5:48 PM – Shkiyah

6:48 PM – Maariv

7:45 PM – Avos U Bonim Finale – We would like to thank all the sponsors who made this a fantastic year of learning. We also would like to thank the sponsors of the finale:

Mr. and Mrs. Rubi Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Yitsy Braun LZ’N his father – Reb Yisroel ben Reb Yakov

Mr. and Mrs. Yumi Weisz

Judah Cohen and Pizza time

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Kahan

Mr. and Mrs. Tiny Nussbaum

Anonymously – in honor of the Rebbe and as thanks for his stories each week & in honor of Mrs. Debbie Zucker for letting Yehuda run the program.

LZ”N Dovid ben Tzvi, Chana bas Yosef and Ginendel Sarah bas Shmuel Leib


9:00 AM – Shachris

5:39 PM – Mincha / Maariv

Monday – Thursday

8:30 AM – Shachris

5:39 PM – Mincha / Maariv

9:00 PM – Chumish Shiur (Thursday)


8:30 AM – Shachris